[BLT017] Tanzanite [Bella Nail Luxe]

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Bijou mag II series

A bluish purple mug gel with the image of the jewel tanzanite.  The transparent color is easy to use for art and blends well with the skin.  It uses many kinds of high-quality magnets and shines in various colors depending on the angle and gives off a unique shine.

Texture: ☆ (soft)

Material: T (magnet)

Item Code: BLT017B

Made in Japan. 3ml/0.10oz.  LED 2--40 sec, UV 60 sec.

Texture types and best-suited art specifications:
★ Soft - Least pigmented. Suitable for one colour nails, ombre designs.
★★ Normal - Brilliant colouring. Most versatile texture and great for wide varieties of artwork.
★★★ Hard - Intensely pigmented. Ideal for paint art and line works, it applies like acrylic paints.