[VL-0] Top Clear Gel -4ml-

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 Cure time - LED 20-40 sec; UV 60 sec. Made in Japan.

VETRO Top Clear Gel is exclusively made for a top coat. It creates a perfect mirror-like high shine with flexibility and a smooth surface.
  • Long lasting shine. Provides mirror-like shiny appearance to brighten colours underneath.
  • No yellowing formula. Stays Crystal clear for weeks.
  • Add durability to the nails. It gives extra thickness and strength, compares to VETRO Non-Wipe Top Coat. *For maximum durability, Extension Clear II may be used instead.
  • Medium viscosity. It self-levels very well and fills in minor dents and gaps at the same time.
  • Soakable with gel nail removers and acetone. Soak time is 10-mins. *E-File should be used to remove Top gel layer as well as any excess thickness to reduce soaking time.
*Use Nail Wipe or 80% alcohol to remove tacky residue to achieve maximum gloss.
*Use a piece of cotton and gently wipe off tacky residue without rubbing the surface.
Non-Wipe Top Coat is available in Black Line (Brush-On).